Deedee and Madame Mrad…

…have gone on a much needed holiday, far, far way.

They’ll be gone for a couple of weeks, but don’t despair, Deedee’ll be back with lots’a deedeelectable stories about their adventure.

“Go and come” as they say in…

Happy 2011!!


4 Responses to Deedee and Madame Mrad…

  1. timur says:

    Gone again, I heard. Happy 2011 to you too. Did you know we have Sri Lankan soldiers coming to UNIFIL?
    I liked your comments on Seza. Just what I think of the place. Been there twice, will go back.


  2. abdo habib ghandoura says:

    rouho ya rouhi, allah ma3 dwaleebekom inshallah b’tonbosto

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