About Deedee’s Blog

“You only live once,” said Deedee. That’s why she lives with passion and sensuality. This is reflected in everything she does and everything she consumes, be it food, beverage, or in human form.

This blog is about gastronomy in Lebanon (or Leboland, as I endearingly like to call my country) and on other ‘planets’. I also write about food I’ve had at friends’ or cooked myself.

Deedee doesn’t tolerate mediocrity, especially when it comes to gastronomy (in the full sense of the word… Google it). So, if Deedee goes somewhere and has a good experience, she’ll write about it commendably… BUT, if there’s something off, Deedee will definitely make sure to whip them into shape!

You only live once, or at least, it’s the only one you remember! So here’s to you enjoying life, eating with passion, drinking with thirst, and having a blast with this blog.

All entries on www.ddmcfly.wordpress.com are purely my personal opinion. You’re welcome to comment if you agree, disagree, or have something further to add.

Shukran’, ‘Thanks’ andMerci’ for checking out my blog!

Deedee McFly


32 Responses to About Deedee’s Blog

  1. Spiro Habash says:

    Hello Deedee 🙂 I like what you are doing here. Hugs, Spiro.

  2. @hmikail says:

    you’ve come along way baby;)
    love your blog..absolutely adore it wlee!!


  3. mab3ousa says:

    lek I love your blog wleh. Yesterday I had lunch at Paul’s and I couldn’t believe how bad the service there was. I mean, are the waiters stoned??? They served my coffee without a stack of sugar, so I had to frickin wait to get someone’s attention and ask for sugar. When I sat down I waited a long while before they came to take my order, and I had already waited a while before they brought me the frickin menu. It took forever to get my bottle of water. When the food arrived, I had no napkins. I had to work hard to get the attention for napkins. WTF??? Oh, and I did have to give my order twice, with about 10 seconds in between as the first waiter decided to simply tell another waiter to take my order. And they all had the same stunned look on their face – like all the frickin time! I swear they are either stoned or just plain dumb. WTF???

    • Deedee McFly says:

      Oh my Bob!! I couldn’t agree more… I boycotted Paul’s years ago. Had a similar experience and even went back and gave them a second chance. I think at the time it took the food over an hour to be served.
      I would have to say the waiters are dumb because they haven’t been TRAINED.
      A word to the wise: Paul’s SUCKS! Don’t go there! Don’t encourage unprofessional restaurants/cafés just because they have a “signé” name or because they have fancy cars blocking everyone’s way.

  4. ghada says:

    love your style Deedee 🙂
    really enjoy reading you habibti ,yalla,keep it coming X

  5. @hmikail says:

    great to see that DD’s blog is on a roll;)

  6. zaydoun says:

    I like Paul in the afternoon for a quick coffee and sorbet… otherwise avoid at all costs!

  7. JoAnn says:

    What? We forgot to take pictures?!?! Dinner AND brunch! yi! shoo? But boy it was fun.

  8. Emad says:

    Nice, very nice… Long, Loooooog time no see. How have you been? Deedee McFly!?

  9. It's Me says:

    Hey Deedelicious!

  10. Jay says:

    Every time I read your blog I get hungry!



  11. Elias says:

    Hi Deedee,
    i love your blog….i need help and i have no doubt you are the right person to reach out to.
    I want to propose to my girlfriend and I am looking for a nice romantic place to do that. There are three elements my girlfriend would like: 1) live music, preferably piano, 2) cozy setting, and 3) outdoor seating, or nice outlook. The food is important, but for this special occasion, i am willing to compromise to get most of the three elements above.
    Does anything come to mind? Any suggestions?


    • Deedee McFly says:

      Hi Elias,
      I hear Iris (on the roof of the AnNahar Bldg) has a nice sunset setting with a jazz band. I haven’t personally been there, but you could go check it out in person before you make your plans.
      Another suggestion would be É Cafe on Soursok has a piano player, the food is good and it’s somewhat cozy. I personally love the É Cafe in Byblos but that doesn’t have live music.
      I’ll keep brainstorming for you.
      Thanks for asking and good luck!!
      Keep me posted with what happens.

  12. Haitham says:

    Hello Deedee- I am chairman and founder of Burger Nation Hamra, and have run across your review of our place, wich I believe was quite some time ago when we first started. You have some very valid comments and constructive feedback. I would like to share with you that we have taken those comments on board and have made a number of changes since then. Please come back again and let us know your thoughts now that we’ve had more time to get our act together 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    You rock!, its about time that Lebanon has a blogger with industry experience, appreciation, love and knowledge of food and wine.

  14. Hi Deedee! Do you have a twitter account?

  15. paty says:

    ya Deedee it’s adorable the way (and what) you write! bsir meshye men post la post:p will sure be coming back for more!

  16. Zawarib says:

    Hi Deedee,

    We really enjoy reading your blog. Do you have an email address? We would like to send you an invitation to one of our upcoming events.



  17. Nano says:

    Amazing and good job xoxoxo

  18. So3ad says:

    Hi I see u on tv today ..nice idea
    I hope will be friends

    tks for sharing

  19. Areej says:

    Hello Deedee,

    I really enjoyed the program at future Tv talked about your beautiful experience 🙂

    can I have your email, I have some questions to ask you.
    Thank you

  20. Hello Deedee,

    We would like to send you an invitation to an event we are holding this week. What would be the best way to do that?

  21. nayla audi says:

    gruen eatery does not serve OSLO ice-cream anymore!!!!!!would you please revise your information.thank-you.

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