So how come…

May 11, 2010

…the only good meal I’ve had these days was homemade? Cubed chicken breast (sprinkled in rosemary, sauteed in butter & olive oil) with carrots, tomatoes, dried mango, garlic and coconut milk…. improvised and delicious! Or maybe it was just the company that made it so…

Did I mention the bottle of Marchesi di Barolo ‘s Gavi 2008 – a white Italian wine we had with lunch? Very light yellowish-green color with slight apple/flowery aroma…. Purrrfect match! (make sure its really chilled) – ‘Vintage’ in Saifi Village takes the credit for that one.

Last night it was Pacifico. I have to say, kudos to those guys. Around for about 14 yrs and still consistent in quality, service, and ambience. Excellent cocktails, always getting creative and using seasonal fruit. I had a great Gin Fizz – but they have a few new cocktails using basil, sage, ginger, or rosemary that you gotta try. These guys know what they’re doing. Always a pleasure being there. If you’re at the bar and want to share a bite, but not stuff yourself, the Fajitas are fun.

Para las reservaciones en Pacifico (Monot St.): 01-204446; Open daily; Happy Hour 7 – 8:30pm