Deedee went to the zoo…

January 26, 2011

…the other day and was astonished to see the Lemmings getting into a scrimmage then committing suicide for a reason they didn’t understand. The poor suckers are socially retarded… but then again, so are all the other rodents out there. Then she came upon Ammo the Orangutan who was hysterically blabbing away but no one understood what he was saying… probably because he wasn’t making any sense in the first place! The poor soul suffers from mental constipation.

She did a double take because she almost missed the cute Chameleon up in the woods, who keeps changing color… so much, that we can never find him! He’s metamorphosing all the time… and all because he’s upset that Turbanitis and PMS don’t want to play in the same cage.

Deedee looked at the animals in the zoo and said, “Chill out boys, I got a great recipe that will make you all feel giddy.” She had been to Souk el Tayyeb on Saturday and bought a cute little pumpkin, actually a butternut squash. She decided to make pumpkin soup and turned to her friend Jamie Oliver‘s recipes for assistance.

Superb Squash Soup with Parmesan Crouton. This spicy soup is the perfect twist from a regular pumpkin soup and just the right comfort-food after a trip to the zoo. Cha suggested we drizzle some Coconut Milk on top, and OMBob was he spot on with that combo! Top with a piece of parmesan bread melted in the oven; and garnish with the fried sage from the recipe. Deedeelish!

Cha was craving Fettucini Alfredo, so Deedee waved her magic wand and whipped up an Alfredo à la Fads – chopped garlic and red chili tossed in olive oil, throw in pancetta or cubes of smoked schinken. Take out the cubes to be added to the recipe later. Pour over a pack or two of crème fraiche and a spoonful of Labné (haida el secret) to give it thickness. Add your spices (salt, pepper, rosemary, basil), a handful of grated parmesan, then drop the ham cubes in at the end. Careful not to overcook the sauce otherwise it breaks up. Before you drain the fettucini, throw in fresh or frozen peas, to give Alfredo a little color and a burst of freshness. Serve topped with roasted pine nuts (for that smokey flavor) and garnish with parmesan shavings, akeed.

To wash away the stench from the zoo, they drank a bottle of Marqués de Velilla, Crianza 2006. A full bodied, elegant and complex Spanish red made from 100% Tempranillo. The palate has fine tannins and strong notes of dark berries and chocolate, with a long velvety finish. You can find this one and a 2004 vintage of the same wine at Enoteca.

“Yalla, kilkon n’dabbo ‘al beit”, said Deedee to the Lemmings, so they obediently scurried back to hide in their little holes.


Sindibad, Sindibad! Annajdaaa…

November 1, 2010

…Yasminaaaaa!! And it even felt that way when we walked into the place!

Yasmina Indian Fusion? Located in an old Lebanese house near Sofil, this place is more like ‘con’-fusion! I don’t get what part of their Indian food is considered fusion!?! It’s plain old Indian… and not all that special either, if I may…  Néhé!

We started with sambusas, then went for the Chicken Masala, Chicken Tadouri, Shrimp Masala, Vegetable Curry, Raita with Pomegranate (that was nice), and regular white Basmati rice. The girls weren’t that hungry I’m afraid…

Thank Bob Deedee got to pick the wine. I’d had this beautiful Chilean earlier that week at Madame Mrad’s. Though overpriced at Yasmina’s, I knew it was going to be worth it. Casa Lapostolle, Merlot 2007 from Rapel Valley in Chile, has a mauve-bordeaux color. The nose is cinnamon and mulberry with slight minerals. Medium to full bodied, the palate is dry with chocolate, coffee, pepper, red fruit and slightly tannic. A sexy Chilean from Enoteca!

Mind you, I’m not saying the food was atrocious, but I definitely don’t get what the rave over this place is all about. That said, I’ll try it again, and next time I’ll ask Deedee to choose the food.

Yasmina Indian (con)Fusion Restaurant is open Monday – Saturday. For reservations: 70-407406 or 01206406