And just when you thought it was over…

…well, “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings” and so, Deedee’s back to the Battle of the Burgers…. teeheehee… after all, there still hasn’t been concensus on who wins the Leboland Burger Battle.

Deedee, Princess and Smayyiss went to lunch at Mrs. Robinson’s in the An-Nahar Building, Downtown. Ooooh… Why do these places do that? I don’t get it? I’m afraid Deedee’s going to have to open up a can of whoop-ass, cuz these guys earned it.

The place wasn’t packed, so we got the attention we needed. The waiter was friendly and insisted we try some of his favorites, so we had the Cheesy Chips: basically potato chips with melted cheddar and provologne (?)… it’s sort of like wanabe nachos but without the fun stuff. Yaani, in other words skip it.

Deedee had the large size patty, classic with Swiss cheese. It was dry and a disappointment to bite into. I won’t go further in trashing this place, and I definitely won’t go back there for a second try. They lost me at “goodbye”… (ref. the antonym quote for that famous line in Jerry Maguire).


11 Responses to And just when you thought it was over…

  1. Mustapha says:

    Nice, but if you want to see a pull-no-punches thrashing of this place, check out Nasri’s take on it:

    you can imagine my anticipation as I was heading over to the “new best burger place in town”. I got there with a friend to meet up with a coupe more people. We placed our orders. And waited. And waited. And waited. And waited some more.

    Our table remained barren. No drinks, no appetizers. I called over the waiter, who was impervious to the anguish our situation was causing. “We have hangovers to cure here, mister!” I was tempted to cry our in desperation. But I contained myself. We waited. And waited.

    At this point, my body went into a sort of hunger-and-thirst-fuelled trance. I marched over to a waiter and demanded my Coca-Cola. Physically reaching behind the bar to obtain. A half hour passed and the first burger poked its head tentatively by our table. As it settled in front of the Chosen One in our group, our hearts sank. Not only was our sustenance nowhere to be seen, this burger was pitiful. It had the diameter of a copper coin and looked like it tasted about as good. Another half hour and the second burger appeared. At this point words were had with the staff. Our hangovers were exiting our bodies and angling straight for the manager’s neck.

    I nicely enquired where the kitchen was. A bemused manager told me, not quite understanding my motivations. I marched straight to the kitchen and demanded to flip my own burger so I could eat and leave this godforsaken place. I was assured it would be at the table soon. I calmed down, and returned to my cursed seat.

    Another half an hour. More arguing, and a full two hours after our initial order, my food shows up. It was revolting beyond words. I fully expected the meat to push aside the bread and start mooing. It wasn’t rare, it was alive. We ordered our bill in disgust. A hundred dollars for 4 soggy, crappy burgers. Deeply unsatisfied and with stomachs grumbling we left. And that is when, my friends, I decided that the “classy burger joint” bandwagon has to be stopped. We’ve lost our senses. We’re paying 25 bucks a pop for excruciatingly bad food, with bad service and an attitude. And we’ll probably pay some hefty hospital bills at some point judging by the texture these beef patties presented in our plates. Whatever you do, do not eat at Mrs Robinson. You’ll thank me.

  2. zaydoun says:

    Yeah I wasn’t too impressed either… but kudos to the extra friendly and helpful staff. Maybe they should go work at Cow & Apple and give it a boost.. just sayin!

  3. Dinigar says:

    So who is the winner Deedee!

  4. Peter A. says:

    That settles it then. For the greatest burgers in town, in descending order, the choices are:

    1. Stroganoff Burger @ Brgr. Co.
    2. Butcher’s cut Burger @ Brgr. Co.
    3. 4 oz. Cheeseburger @ Brgr. Co.

    Ok, now. Who makes the best damn Shawarma in town?

  5. Dinigar says:

    Coooool, cuz I also agree Dee!! Are you posting the results on one new blog!

  6. Rani sinno says:

    Brgr coooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

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