Aaah, I totally felt it…

…thought Deedee as she looked up at the moon. She knew something was up: it was a full moon. It turns out this is the closest full moon to the earth that we’ve had since 1993. No wonder it’s looking so cosmically glamorous!

The Road Runner drove Deedee into the old city of Byblos (Jbeil) late that afternoon as the sun was preparing itself for a magnificent departure. This old city is so enchanting and the architecture is better preserved than in other nearby villages. After a little snooping around she felt hungry and so headed to é Cafe for a bite. Luckily it was empty and too early for dinner time, so she grabbed a small quaint table inside and ordered her meal. Straight to the point: Filet Mignon, medium rare akeed, comes with Rocca salad and potatoes, complimented by a bottle of Epicure 2005 (a red bordeaux from Enoteca – see previous blog entry for description), and topped with a special touch of good service to go with that meal. Turns out the staff is actually trained! When Deedee asked,  she found out it was her friend A who was behind it all… not surprised, since she was one of the initial creators of this place.

Deedee enjoys the choices on their menu, but she doesn’t understand why they give you two menus to choose from? Personally, I wouldn’t go for the Italian… menu, that is. There’s another é Cafe in Sursock, Ashrafieh, but this one has a different kind of charm.

Psst, don’t flatter yourself… it’s purely business. For reservations: 09-542224.


10 Responses to Aaah, I totally felt it…

  1. Love Byblos! I usually go for Locanda..but I will be sure to check out e Cafe when next I’m there.. 😀

  2. zaydoun says:

    You have to take me with you on your weekend excursions!

  3. R2D2 says:

    zaydoun … interested in a South African fortnight?

  4. R2D2 says:

    Madame Mrad is soon off to South Africa on a sensual wine tasting and culinary discovery and experience tour and I am recommending culinary fans to join.

  5. Chef Bref says:

    Dear Deedee , I am the personal chef of Colonel Ghaddafi , he asked me to plan a romantic dinner for him (and Mariam Nour! yes she is still XX active) what do you suggest I prepare ? he loves mushrooms. Don’t forget the wine , thank you

    • Deedee McFly says:

      Here’s what I gotta tell ya, Chef Bref:
      a. Get another job
      b. I’d poison them both if I were you. The world would be a better place altogether.
      c. Don’t forget to taste the food while you’re at it.

  6. Fouad Nassif says:

    Hi,need to cook some game meat.
    Bonne journee

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