The Battle of the Burgers…

…is on! (and if you don’t get the title, ooof… bas check out Battle of the Bands).

Deedee’s starting to realize that there’s more than one place in Leboland where you can get a New York style burger. Soooo, she promises to keep looking and tasting until we all come to some concensus on who ranks best and who’s at the bottom of the ever increasing list of burger joints in Leboland.

Upon Peter’s recommendation (see comments on Woohoo & Moohoo blog entry), Deedee decided to take L to check out The Brgr Co. and you know what? P’s spot on! It’s a damn good burger, and they serve it medium rare by default… yaani, I didn’t even have to ask for it! 

Deedee also realized that Walid’s Cow & Apple (C&A) actually wasn’t the first to go for an open kitchen. In fact, Hussein beat him to it months ahead at The Brgr Co (TBC). Not only that, even the graffiti on the walls wasn’t originally C&A’s idea cuz TBC opened first! Snap! Sorry Walid, but… that’s what he said! Guys, you’re starting to disappoint me. I mean, what happened to originality and innovation.

The menu is short and straight to the point… exactly what you’d expect at a burger joint. The burger is juicy and so tender it melts in your mouth. Fries is all you get, either thinly sliced or thicker, depending on your order. Deedee had the Butcher’s Cut medium rare with cheddar cheese and L had the 6oz Burger medium with caramelized onions.

The only thing I wished they had was 961 on tap (boy that stuff is good). Too bad cuz you’re stuck with Almaza, so I’d probably either go for a milk shake or a soft drink if I were you… but I’m not, am I?

Dubbed “Beirut’s Dirty Little Secret” (though we all know there are dirtier secrets out there ;-)) The Brgr Co. is located on Abdel Wahab el Inglizi st. in Ashrafieh right off Monot St. and is open all week from 12pm to 12am. For reservations call 01-333511.


28 Responses to The Battle of the Burgers…

  1. Mark says:

    Someone needs to stuff a burger in a knefe bil jebneh ka3k

  2. timur says:

    thanks for the review. Will check it out. Tonight I tried the Burger Nation on Hamra at Sadat end. So far the best burger I had in town. A simple, readable menu that doesn’t need an explainer. And guess what, your burger comes with a generous serving of fries and cole slaw unlike some others who charge you extra for it. Service? Amazing, top notch! Not a meat eater? Chicken and felafel burgers. Bottom line? Will travel to Hamra just for this burger. Next time I am ordering customized burger with avocado strips and grilled fusion of mushrooms.

  3. timur says:

    Looking forward to it. In the meanwhile I have been advised to try even newer hamburger joint, MRS ROBINSON, next to DT [the old Fashion Bar] under the An Nahr building.

  4. Nancy says:

    I loved your blog!! I totally agree Brgr co. is the real thing…unfortunately people are copying with no imagination….wake up guys, you just make the existing brand more popular..we are Lebanese…where is your creativity!!! On the food level, I tried them all…Brgr co. Is the tastiest.

  5. cowbaby says:

    well…since you’re looking for copycats, you can start with BRGR CO themselves! Not only did they copy Classic Burger Joint same menu simplicity, same mirrors, decoration and even same phrases! (they opened 6 month after Classic) but they didn’t even try to find a new name, they just used the same franchise name for BRGR in the US…weirdly enough…

    Anyway, their meat is excellent, but I much prefer Classic Burger for the price and service! Give it a try 😉

    • Rani sinno says:

      It seems you are not well traveled. Brgr is an international trend of referring to a burger, not a creative name.

      • Deedee McFly says:

        Thanks Rani. If you read Cowbaby’s comment he/she already blessed us with the fact that Brgr Co is a franchise.
        The fact is, I’m probably much more “well traveled” than you (believe me), but we’ll have that competition another time.
        For now, let’s leave judgments aside and get down to business, hoping you have something substantial to add to this debate.
        You got somethin’ to say about the burgers you’ve had?
        p.s. I don’t usually do franchises when I travel… unlike some people!

      • Rani sinno says:

        I said interernational trend, not brand… t’s an abbreviation. As for the well traveled part, I was talking to cowbaby, I’m surprised why you snapped at me?

        And speaking of creative names, there I a burger joint in the Parker meridian hotel in new york! Is that also an UN-original copy from burger joint’s part here?

      • Deedee McFly says:

        Fine Rani, Deedee’ll let you off the hook.
        If you do go to NY, check out the Spotted Pig and try their burger. Chef April Bloomfield’s burgers are to die for. Check out my blog entry Round Two… Ping!

      • cowbaby says:

        hehe…I was talking about “creativity”, and I doubt using an “international trend” as the restaurant’s name is creative in anyway? I mean why use a name used in more than 4 restaurants already? try typing BRGR in google!

        As for “Burger Joint”, it comes after “Classic” as a definition, also commonly used in all burger joints…again “Classic” here being the “creative” side 😉

        sorry guys i made you snap at each other :-p

      • Deedee McFly says:

        Yeah, but “classic” by who’s definition?

    • Deedee McFly says:

      Ouch!!! That’s gotta sting Brgr Co. Teeheehee
      What a disappointment! I didnt realize The B Joint opened before the Co.
      Thanks for enlightening us, Cowbaby!
      The Burger Joint is next on my list.
      Will keep you posted.

    • Rani sinno says:

      Glad were on good terms again D! I noted your recommendation and I will go as soon as I’m in NYC.

      Good luck on your mission, and do the hunt whilst preserving your membership at the gym:) my hint for you is that you already found your winner;)

  6. cowbaby says:

    looks like i mistyped my email :-pppp

  7. Nancy says:

    just to comment on cow baby’s post n’ to straighten some facts… being the burger lover that i am!!! I actually followed the openings of both burger joints, it’s TWO months difference!!! Not 6!

    Second, what r u comparing??? One is an upscale burger with premium meat as u said, and the other is a fairly good burger from the overall parts….they have nothing to do with each other….one is really about the meat experience by weights, and the other is standard patties with a variety of sauces and combinations….I personally visit both places, but for different reasons….apples/oranges…The menus are different, the concept is different and I personally I applaud both concepts…I consider them both direct hits! As for your preference that’s your choice, I prefer the manhattan burger experience, and that’s only found at Brgr co.

    As for the new comers…I didn’t really get them!!

    • Deedee McFly says:

      Sounds good, Nancy! I like the way you’re thinkin’ out of the box. They’re each a different experience.
      Mind you, I’m having everyone vote on this once I’m done checking out all the burger joints myself.
      In the meantime, I appreciate your take on it!

    • cowbaby says:

      hold your horses “snappy snappy” BRGR fans 😉

      @ Nancy: I did not “compare” Classic to BRGR, I was only adding to Deedee’s post about who came first and who followed who…and like you, I do have my preference, its is Classic burger.

      @ Deedee: sorry about this 😉 looks like it stirred up some emotions there :-p good luck comparing burgers joints…you’re gonna need it!

  8. Peter A. says:

    You’ll be surprised to hear that Chillies (Ashrafieh) make a good burger.

    I tried Smoky Oz’s on Sassine … to be avoided.

    Myu makes a good burger once a week.

  9. Peter A. says:

    Classic has a good bun made by Prunelle, but the patty isn’t very inspiring.

  10. cowbaby says:

    oh! almost forgot my Burger Addict List! here u go:

    Classic Burger Joint (akid :-p)
    Hard Rock Cafe
    BRGR Co
    BOB’s Easy Diner
    The Met (souks)
    Burger King’s Whooper (believe it or not, they use Angus beef in some burgers, and its flame-grilled baby!)

  11. May says:

    Hi Deedee,

    Try Burger Nation before you go on to the semi finalists! 🙂 you’ll be missing out big time otherwise!


  12. Sami J says:

    Brgr co is a whole different ball game in the real burger sense. I must agree with Nancy. Can’t compare apples and oranges when it comes to classic burger joint and brgr co. One is the burger in the original sense and the other is a la libanaise (or what you could call ‘hambergel’) 🙂 however still people who like ‘hambergel’ shouldn’t be deprived of their kafta intake!

    I’d go to brgr co or the aged beef of cow & apple, or maybe (just maybe) mcdonald’s before I try classic again. Ughh!

  13. Deedee McFly says:

    This is a message for Dino:
    Thanks for the link.
    It’s a great video, but that type of promotion goes against Deedee policy.
    I hope you understand.

  14. Dino says:

    Glad you liked it deedee!

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