Woohoo and moohoo…

… that’s right, time to celebrate cuz you can finally get a New York style burger in Leboland!

Cow and Apple – funky name! A butcher/bakery/restaurant… khalas bikaffé, this joint is hidden in an alley off Hamra Street (right before where Modca used to be). It’s actually got 2 entrances, one on Hamra main St. and another charming one through an alley as you’re going down Abdel Aziz St. opposite HSBC.

An open kitchen (bravo Walid for following the latest trend in the food biz), this place feels rugged… or at least it tries. You’re there for the burger and the apple pie… that’s if there’s still room for it in your stomach. A few booths, a communal table (beautiful plank of wood), and the bar. Not so sure about the wanabe graffiti on the walls though… who’s sense of humor was that?! Aaahh, drop it.

Deedee and Mad went there for lunch. She thought there were way too many items on the menu… considering the name implies that the concept is “straight to the point”. Besides, none of the burgers are described, and you don’t want to sit there guessing, soooo we drilled our waiter with questions and he pleasantly complied.

“Shoo ánad bira?” “Fee 961 on tap.” What?!? Why didn’t anyone tell me you could get the stuff on tap? OK guys, I want one of those in my apartment… NOW!

Kint jiáné w nseet sawwira... sorry, éh?

The service isn’t bad, bas the waiter didn’t ask us what temperature we’d like our burger… Actually, to give them credit, the menu tells you to ask for your preferred temperature, bas Deedee didn’t read it! Overall, good burger. Really. Try it.

To moo the Cow 01-740528.


13 Responses to Woohoo and moohoo…

  1. timur says:

    thanks for the useful info. will check it out. While at it, why don’t you tell us about the the new BURGER NATION at the Sadat end of Hamra?

    • Deedee McFly says:

      Hey Mr. T, I’ll check it out sometime this week and do a comparison for y’all. There’s also another burger place on Abdel Wahab el Inglisi St. after you cross Monot. Will do that one too. It’s a burger kind’a month.

  2. zaydoun says:

    This is the first time I disagree with you DeeDee… I tried Cow & Apple last Sunday and while the burger itself was actually quite good, my bun was a bit burnt and the service was a mess!

    Lets start with the menu, in which all kinds of strange sounding burger combos were listed without the simplest explanation, and in a confusing order/layout. Even if the waiters know the descriptions by heart, people need to read to fully understand what they’re ordering… Also on the menu, numerous grammatical and spelling mistakes. DESERT anyone?? One ‘S’? WALAW?!

    On to the service.. the waiters meant well but they seemed overwhelmed by a packed house on a Sunday. Our fries didn’t arrive with our burgers and when we inquired, the waiter asked us “which fries did you order again?”.. Obviously he had to place a new express order because he forgot, so when the fries did finally arrive they were undercooked!

    Next we ordered desert, I mean dessert… One apple crumble and one apple pie. Those took forever as well, and when they arrived you’d think they would be piping hot but alas they were cold! Shame because the crumble tasted really good so I imagine it to be even better served hot. The apple pie had way too many sliced apples in it, though the crust was fine.

    Also worth noting – and for a new establishment – the unbelievably wobbly tables! Our table shook so much it was like a see-saw and there was nothing our poor waiter could do to fix it! We had to change to the banquette for some stability. I also didn’t like the burgundy walls and found them depressing

    Teething problems? I sure hope so, since I recently moved to the neighborhood I need a decent burger joint near me!!

    • Deedee McFly says:

      Z, we agree the burger is good. Mind you, I did say the menu needs “descriptions” of the food items and you’re right. That’s why we had to “drill our waiter” so we could understand what we were eating/ordering without any surprises… I must’ve not been clear in my wording. Now the problem will escalate when the waiters are busy and really don’t have time to explain things to clients.
      I must say I was lucky to be one of few for lunch that day, but I got an email from Mr. & Mrs. T complaining about the servers being overwhelmed when there’s a crowd, so you’re right, the place needs to either hire more servers or better train them.
      I can’t believe your dessert was cold! That’s a real shame.
      En tout cas, thanks for chiming in. I hope Walid reads this and acts upon it… if not, I’ll have to tell him myself.

  3. zaydoun says:

    But kudos to the 961 on tap though 😉

  4. Peter A. says:

    Apart from the nice kitchen there, I was under-impressed by pretty much everything else.

    Frozen fries !!?

    Try a 4 oz. burger at Burger & Co, and then return to Cow & Apple and re-think what a burger and “fries” should be.

    **what a awful name! There’s a shawarma place on Sassine that opened up 6 months ago called Cow & Chicken **

  5. Nancy says:

    Thanks dee for guiding us to this blog as well…you want my opinion dee..none of the new comers have creativity, they just took the overall image of the ones who made it, and they’re doing the same…Its wrong!! They’re just making them more powerful… A new comer should rethink the game…do you agree???

  6. MazKas says:

    You haven’t tasted a good burger until you’ve tried G.’s burger.
    G. , The U.S. Prime Beef steakhouse, is located in Gemmayze, and the specialty there is Filet, Entrecote, Cote de Boeuf, Lamb Chops etc. but the burger is simply mouthwatering. Just order a full set, ie with fried egg on top, cheddar cheese, bacon strips and jalapeno. If you don’t think it’s the best burger you ever had in Lebanon, your tab is on the house.
    And once you’re done with the burger, you will have a hard time choosing only one dessert! Then you can move to the bar and enjoy the rest of the night, or head to the mezzanine for a private relaxing lounge.
    I will await your opinion soon… 🙂

    • Deedee McFly says:

      Wow, meat gallore!!
      I’ll make sure I’m starved before heading out there, but Maz, I gotta say I doubt I’ll have room for dessert after that burger you recommended.
      Drinks after a meal like that? I’m surprised peopled don’t pass out at the bar!!
      BUT, that said, Deedee’s definitely trying it.
      Thanks for the tip!

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