Drizzling wet but flaunting a magnificent…

… cloudscape, Seattle, WA is green, lush, and has much to offer including a diverse array of seafood!

One evening Deedee had dinner with some clients at Elliott’s Oyster House in downtown Seattle by the waterfront. A dozen oysters served with a Champagne-vinegar Mignonette Sorbet… though Deedee likes her oysters straight up, she was curious to taste that sorbet and… wow, it had a great punch!

For our main course we all had the Yukon River Sockeye Salmon cooked Alder Planked, yaani seasoned with the house rub and baked on an Alder plank of wood to retain the salmon’s juice and give it that smokey flavor. This lusciously moist piece of pink meat was served with grilled vegetables and smoked tomato-onion beurre blanc.

The next day, after a few long meetings, Deedee headed to the Pike Place Market (a famous local market) for a late lunch. She came by a quaint restaurant called Place Pigalle, strategically located on the edge of the market facing the ocean. I instantly found myself sitting at a corner table overlooking the beautiful cluster of islands – Seattle’s Puget Sound. Deedee was pleased with how her day had gone and was starving. Since she never misses an opportunity to celebrate, she decided to embrace the moment. Starting with a glass of bubbles: Jean-Paul Trocadero’s Blanc de Blanc Brut (NV) from the Savoie region of the Alps; a fun rounded palate bursting with citrus and apple that enhanced the flavor in the half dozen Kumamoto Oysters she started with. The Kumamotos are small, smooth, sweet and on top of “Deedee’s Favorites” list. They also couldn’t have been more fresh as they come right from that body of water she was gazing at.

Next came the Roasted Beet Salad served with baby arugula, toasted walnuts, an almond covered mound of chèvre cheese and a Lemon-Dijon Vinaigrette. The beets were warm, an unexpected but actually pleasant surprise that evoked a cozy feeling in the cold weather. And so did that half bottle of Domaine Drouhin Pinot Noir 2007 from Willamette Valley, Oregon! Yes, the Maison Joseph Drouhin family has branched out to Oregon, which is famous for its Pinot Noirs. Medium bodied, the nose is oak and spice, and the palate is red cherries ending in light velvety chocolate.

To culminate this celebration was the house special: Steamed Mussels Pigalle cooked in white wine & butter with smoked bacon, celery, shallots and comes with a side mix of tomatoes, basil and bread cubes drizzled with a Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Sar badda finjén ahwé, ma heik? Even that was charming, serve with a curly lemon rind.

Khalas, ‘ntafakhit! Eh hallik!


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