Hush now, don’t explain…

… I’m glad you’re back, don’t explain.  Quiet, don’t explain… what is there to gain?

After we established that, I opened a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Vintage Rosé 2004. A salmon pink color with strong aromas of strawberries and red berries, it is fresh and lively in the mouth, like pink grapefruit, with a spicy, sensual finish… another winner from the Orange Widow.

Then “discreetly”, these mangoes and avocados descended upon me from the heavens. The mango was greenish yellow on the outside, a real orange orange on the inside and succulent all the way.

The avocados were delectable! I had one half with Yo’s Filipino Papaya Ginger Relish (made with shredded papaya, ginger, garlic chunks and red chili pepper in Filipino vinegar – Suka) and the other half with honey… or better yet, a melange!

Hush now, don’t explain… I’m enamored with the way Billie Holiday sings it with so much courage of conviction.


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