Nothing like a…

… good cup of coffee after those G&Ts!

Café Younes – on Commodore St. – is my favorite (the small shop not the Café itself). They have a variety of coffee beans, so you can experiment with blends, or take them straight up – your call. Their latest is Jamaican… outrageously expensive, but since its still the beginning of the month, i’ll head over there today and try a tiny bit… out of curiosity.

Anyhoo, so, back to that cup’o’coffee…. generally prefer it in a French Press (so if you dont have one, go out there and get 1). If i’m in the mood for a little aroma, i’ll toss in a few small cinnamon sticks (or you could just sprinkle some ground stuff)… on this note, if you like Cardamom just chuck in a pod or two, that should also do.



2 Responses to Nothing like a…

  1. @hmikail says:

    Yo DeeDee. Enough with the coffee talk..when you going to start with the wine talk??

  2. ddmcfly says:

    soon dahhlin’, soon

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